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If images are worth a thousand words, videos are worth a million. Achieve your goals with video content that entertains, informs and educates your audience. Get in touch with True Pixel Creative, the leading full-service video production agency in the Market.

Videos have mass appeal. Irrespective of your target demographics – whether they are teenagers, stockbrokers, homemakers or CEOs – people prefer watching videos to reading long text. With the escalating spread of social media and mobile, videos have become one of the most efficient and essential ways to reach out to your customers.

We create a broad range of videos including corporate films, motion graphics, animated videos, and social media shorties. From strategy to storytelling and execution to editing, we do everything.

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Our Video Production Expertise

Corporate Video Production

From boardrooms and events to exhibitions, product presentations and conferences, leave a lasting impression with slick corporate videos. Our experts will help you showcase your business through a strategic combination of concept, visuals, and sound. Read on to discover how videos can bring a human touch to your marketing.

Social Video Production

Sometimes a smartphone camera is good enough. But in business, it’s smarter to go pro. Choose GMI for all your content creation needs. Our full-fledged team produces high quality, mobile-friendly social videos that make a positive impact on your fans and followers. Tap into the combined power of video and social media to get long lasting results.

Content Compression

A hundred lines of text information can be compressed and broadcast through visuals and voiceover in a 3-minute video. That's why videos are a necessity when you’re reaching out to time-strapped audiences. No other marketing tactic can combine visual appeal with content compression so effectively.

Increased Engagement

Studies show that viewers would rather spend more time watching a video than browsing thick lines of text. Video’s emotional appeal is an added advantage. A good story can forge a personal bond between the brand and its users which forms the basis for an active community.

Versatile Marketing Collateral

Videos are not just for social media. They can be used to represent your brand and products in an extensive range of situations including product demonstrations, customer outreach, trade shows, conferences, events, employee training, customer support, and more.

Better SEO

Search engines reward properly tagged videos. Based on this and other factors like video descriptions and user engagement, videos contribute positively to your business’s overall ranking.

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We are keep creating thousands of projects Since 2002 Worldwide, and producing creative solutions for start-up’s business, companies, institutions, freelancers, Self-employed and Businessmen.

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