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True Pixel is among the top-rated and trusted SEO companies that are responsible for delivering white hat SEO services to their clients. We believe in white hat SEO to ensure long term organic traffic.

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SEO Features

At True Pixel, we aim to serve our client with the best possible and safe practices of SEO, keeping up with the latest Google updates so that you get long-lasting SEO results. We believe the quality of service to ensure a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Some of the most important practices we follow are listed below.

Website Audit

Our SEO experts have years of experience. They analyze your website and suggest improvements to make your website search engine friendly.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our experts will go through the best keyword research, which represents your business in the best way and helps to get your targeted niche.

Competitor’s Analysis

We will go through the competitor’s research to know their strategies. If you want to rank in the search engine, then you need to defeat your competitor.

On-Page SEO

To ensure high-quality SEO services, we will go through strong on-page SEO of your website, which will surely support your search engine ranking.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO is a risky component of SEO. It can get you banned by Google if not done properly. We ensure white 100% white hat link building.

Detailed Reporting

Our team will provide you monthly reports of your SEO process, so you always stay up to date with the activities that are being performed on your website.

SEO Services

The SEO market is presently filled with agencies that offer every kind of service to clients. Most of these companies use black hat SEO techniques to get ranked in the Google search engine instantly, which leads your website to get penalized by Google which will force your websites to 100th or higher number of pages where no one can find you.

We’ve made our name in SEO by providing the best SEO services following white hat SEO techniques and labeled as the top-rated SEO company. We guarantee the success of your website based on our experience in this field of SEO. We are focused on showing results within 60 days instead of 3 to 6 months, although this may also vary depending on the nature of your website.

We have worked with dozens of clients and satisfied them by providing them quality SEO services, that gave them success. Now, we are ready to make the same effort for you. Just hire us for your SEO campaigns and leave the rest to us. We ensure guaranteed results, and we will surely deliver them.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of improving web pages one by one to rank better and generate much more organic traffic in search engines, whether it is Google, bing, or any other search engine.

The on-page covers both content and HTML individual pages, which can be optimized according to the search engine. Keyword placement is also done at this stage of SEO.

Our team is highly focused on a strong on-page SEO of the website because it affects search engine ranking greatly. It is responsible for having a lower bounce rate and a good user experience.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO involves the link building process of your website. Link building is a risky task to perform because it involves the risks of getting banned by the Google search engine if you try to cheat. Google encourages the natural link building of a website.

Our SEO experts have their experience in white hat link building techniques. We are expert in natural link building of website so that Google encourages your website and show it in the top results of its searches. We ensure you to get high-quality backlinks to your website, which boost your ranking and improve your domain authority.

Why Digital Marketing?

Targeted Customers: The main purpose of SEO is to get organic traffic. Organic traffic includes the maximum number of potential customers searching for your service.

Online Presence: Search engine optimization improves your online visibility by ranking against several keywords in the search engine.

Branding: When you rank in search engine against the targeted keyword, you get a large number of organic traffic along with the trust of users on your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website helps to bring website visitors from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing who are actually the people performing the search to find service providers or products related to your company offerings. Websites on top of Search Rankings get a major share of profits from this source of traffic for longer periods of time.

How much time to get results after all?
We understand the business owners’ concerns regarding Return On Investments. For the early stages of our service, we recommend going after Long Tail Keywords, which we can gain significant rankings and that usually takes around three months. After this initial period, we plan out the work for targeting high competing keywords, which can bring higher ROI.
Can you work out the changes required in the website?

A website following basic principles of design and development, we can continue working with the optimization according to our needs. If it is of genuinely poor standards, then we always recommend going for our Web Development Services before selecting our SEO Services. We believe lead generation and conversion optimization should be worked on together for maximum client acquisitions.

Do you provide Website Auditing Services?

If you want to double-check on your current SEO provider or see where the website currently stands in terms of SEO. We can do a complete website technical audit both On-Page and Off-Page for you, providing you with a comprehensive report of the current status of your website. We also provide an actionable roadmap and things that you can do for improvements.

Do you have capacity to handle E-Commerce Websites?

We started as a group of individuals, but now we are a large team that provides SEO Services of all kinds. From handling small business websites and agencies outsourced work to E-Commerce Websites, we are fully prepared to handle all kinds of work. Get your product selling across Online Shoppers with our specialized team of SEO experienced in handling E-Commerce Websites.

How do you perform Link Acquisition for Off-Page Signals?

Link building is the core aspect to launch a website up in the Search Rankings for highly difficult keywords. For this, we perform manual outreach to niche websites and build relationships with bloggers and editors. We have hundreds of online connections and outreach specialists who continue to build upon that number. We can get the links from well-suited websites for our client’s website.

How do I know about my competitors performance?

We have the tools and experience to discover the competitor’s secrets and how well they are doing on the internet. Along with our work reports, we will share the competitor’s performance on demand so you can make a comparison between each other.

Should I look for Guarantees in terms of rankings?
Search Engines are independent websites with regular changes in their algorithms, so no one can rightfully provide the guarantee of the future rankings of a website. Google also warns against the fraudulent activities of providing any such guarantee. The SEO Team of Bizzclan has worked out the White Hat SEO practices which do not cause any harm in the future rankings, but we have only moved the needle upwards by increasing the trust-flow of our client websites.
How to determine the keywords for my business website?
We will perform the keyword research for your website. The selection of keywords is based upon several factors associated with it, their search volumes and relevance to the business industry, analysis of the competing websites and their metrics, the search intent of the keywords, and much more analyses. We verify our search by using different tools and Google Keyword Planner to provide reliable SEO Services.
SEO Services or Google Adwords?
Google Adwords, usually termed as PPC, is fit for availing short terms goals and some quick sales. Once the campaign is over, budgets fall short for Advertising. There is no traffic from search engines unless SEO is performed. Our SEO Services reap long-term benefits for our client’s website bringing visitors to search traffic even though we don’t work on it. This all depends on the business goals and sustainability one wants to achieve for their business.
Can you counter Google Penalties?
We are a White Hat SEO Agency and truly understand what Google loves. Bizzclan has successfully reinstated websites in Search Engines who have already been penalized. The process is performed by our SEO Analysts who perform SEO Audit and look at each factor responsible for penalties. These issues are then removed and get back to the website in its original standing.
Will the work be Outsourced?

Absolutely not. All our client’s data is confidential and remains secure with our In-House Employees. All our team has been carefully selected with a rigorous set of interviews to prove their work skills and signed documents with them to keep data confidential.

Why should I select SEO Package?

These SEO packages are designed to build the basic foundation of any website so that they can get started with their Search Engine Visibility. The Agencies and Companies with a high set of requirements can contact us for Custom SEO Services in which we will share plans on how to get the best of the online market with more monthly SEO budgets.

How will I be in loop to be kept informed?

You will be assigned a direct project manager or the focal person performing SEO activities, who is liable to send weekly and monthly reports. The clients are also able to communicate whenever they feel like and ask for updates on their projects. We never hesitate to share insights and keep the clients updated with each and everything.

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