Promote businesses,events in an effective and eye-catching design..

Boost Business and Drive Traffic to Events

Using flyers is still one of the most popular and effective methods when promoting businesses and events. Reach target audiences directly and drop business flyers in mailboxes, hand them out on streets, post them on noticeboards, or plaster them onto walls to help gain engagement. Add a discount code or coupon to the flyer to build interest. Double-sided flyers are ideal when extra space is necessary to list specialties, services, and contact information.

We Are A Team of Passionate Designers.


Our team will work closely with you to balance your needs, budget, and requirements. Our promise is to deliver an impressive end result. Nothing will fall short of that.

Print Management

If you need help to get your flyers printed, we are ready to render our assistance. We can either work directly with your preferred printer, or we can source directly from our pool of trusted printers.

Premium Finishes

Working within your budget, we will also advise you on the different finishes that we can provide for your flyer. Choose from a wide range of paper options.

Delivery & Distribution

Need help with delivery? We can deliver your flyers directly to your workplace. If you need help with distributing your flyers we can help – just ask our team for more information.

Showcase Your Business And Market Your Service

Reach out to prospective customers with an eye-catching flyer. Make your brand & company instantly noticeable from the crowd. Awe them with customized visuals, solid artwork and an attractive offer.

The end result? An effective flyer marketing campaign that brings about an ROI to your business.

Because we design for results.


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Associations & Organizations​

Consumer Services​

Health & Wellness​


Manufacturing & Trading​

Professional Services​

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Commonly Asked Questions

About Flyer Designs

Do you provide both designing & printing of the flyers/leaflets?
We do provide designing & printing services. Speak to us today and let us get your flyers ready for your next awesome marketing campaign.
What sizes do your flyers come in?

Generally, most flyers will be in an A4 or A5 size, single sided or double sided. We are very flexible on the sizing requirements. Let us know what is your preferred size and we will design it that way!

How fast is the designing process?
We typically will finish a flyer designing project within 2 to 5 working days. If you have an urgent request, let us know and we will work around your deadline.
What file format will the flyer be delivered in?
We will provide the high resolution, 300dpi JPEG format along with the editable source file and higher resulution upon your request.
Can you digitize my flyer for Facebook & Instagram?

Yes, we can convert any physical flyer into digital assets for your social media accounts & websites.

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